increased revenue in the restaurants during the tour

KFC Sweden

Our mission was to create content that makes the food look finger lickin’ good but at the same time staying authentic and true to the platform with edutatining content.

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Alexander Morad

Elvira Joelsson

Anton Jerkeby

We like to challenge and think outside the box and create finger lickin' good campaigns, this campaign has had the most digitally impact on social media out of all campaigns we've done in Sweden

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Our mission was to build brand awareness for KFC in the sweden market and showing that it’s possible to create high engagement and also visits to KFCs restaurants from TikTok.
In this case we only used TikTok even if KFC is active on other channels as well our mission was solely drived from TikTok.
When doing a tour, if using a big influencer or artist, make sure that you bring security guards with you 😎

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