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Two-time winner of the TikTok Awards in the Nordic region. Most recently with our client Oddlygood where we increased their brand recognition from position 5 to position 1 in 6 months among Gen-Z.

Are you ready to win at TikTok 2024 with us?


We understand the platform, we understand the audience & we understand the behaviour. When you hire Bright Mind, we'll develop a strategy that puts your product or service front and center on the user's For You Page. With multiple videos for clients that have received millions of views, we know what it takes to deliver virality and engagement on the platform. 


At TikTok, content is NOT king. Content is everything. The creative ability to create a video that does NOT look like an ad that creates trust, builds brand or creates engagement is key. We have the secrets that make our customers see TikTok as their best performance channel. 


Why don't we upload our reel to TikTok? - NO! 

Advertising on TikTok is completely unique and an ad must NEVER look like an ad, otherwise it won't catch on and there will be no engagement. We know what creates engagement, clicks and sales. Over the last two years we have worked with some of the world's biggest companies on the platform and spent millions of dollars in ad spend. We were the first in the Nordics to use VBO (Value Based Optimization) where we saw an immediate increase in ROAS of 56% among our clients. 




We at Bright Mind are one of the first in the Nordic region to become an Agency Partner with TikTok. This means that we have ongoing contact with TikTok and can participate in beta testing new functions together with our customers. For example, we were the first in the Nordic region to activate the Value Based Optimization function for our customers.

A TikTok agency does not necessarily have to be locked only to TikTok but can advantageously work omni-channel with other platforms such as Meta, Google, Twitter, Apple etc.

TikTok is an entertainment platform where the app scrolls on a FYP (For You Page). TikTok's algorithm creates a completely unique flow for you with videos that entertain or educate you. TikTok is NOT as many people think a social media. TikTok's focus is not to show videos from your loved ones or that you follow. On TikTok, anyone can make a video go viral regardless of whether you are COMPLETELY new to the platform. 

This is a strength TikTok has compared to most other platforms.

To explain this, we use some of our customers' words about us. 

-"We appreciate a strategic partner who dares to think outside the box and comes up with creative ideas."

-"We needed an agency that understands the TikTok generation and how we can get our message out there and at the same time we knew that Bright Mind could deliver results on other platforms."

If you are here, you have come to the right place! Of course, we will help you by first meeting with you to go through the following: 

  • Background
  • Budget
  • Goal

If we see that we can create results based on the above, we will continue the dialog and prepare a quote. 

Does this sound interesting? Contact us at [email protected] or call 036-550 59 00.

Marketing on TikTok is not like on any other channel. TikTok is changing behaviours across multiple generations while mainstream ads are gaining less and less trust and reach. 

A TikTok agency will help you as a business to create a strategic plan for your launch on the platform and how to speak TikTokian to your audience in a way that doesn't cringe or feel boomy. 

We see that with a clear strategy, creative ideas and creators and together with a performance part focused on results, we can deliver incredible results on this platform across all audiences and industries. 

TikTok G.O.A.T is an abbreviation of TikTok Greatest Of All Time and this is a competition where TikTok nominates a GOAT in the Nordic countries but also throughout Europe.

We at Bright Mind won the TikTok G.O.A.T Norden 2022 in the Greatest TikTok category together with one of our customers, KFC Sweden, where we managed to increase their sales in the restaurants by 314% during our campaign period.

This meant we got to go to Amsterdam and compete in the TikTok Awards Europe!

During the TikTok Awards 2023, we also won the Greatest Performance award together with our customer OddlyGood, where we increased their brand recognition from position 5 to position 1 in 6 months among Gen-Z.


Let our expertise guide and be your start of an entertaining and educated journey on TikTok where together we create Awareness, Engagement and Results. 

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