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Alexander Morad named top 100 most popular lecturer four years in a row

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As founder and CEO of Bright Mind Agency, one of Sweden's fastest growing social media agencies, Alexander Morad lectures on how to succeed on social media and the art of selling without selling. He has been talking for years about the importance of social media marketing and how to best do it on the different platforms.

With the experience of having helped over 800 companies, he presents concrete tips in an entertaining, personal and educational way.

Book an inspiring lecture on social media with Alexander Morad today!


As one of Sweden's most popular lecturers

According to Eventeffect, Alexander is out lecturing several times a week. Companies, schools and associations. He trains and guides in social media and relevant, customized marketing. 


"A lot of people are stuck promoting on social media, it's a social medium, the trick is to promote."

To help companies achieve their goals, Alexander Morad has developed a unique technique he calls Marketing. Alexander understands that marketing is one of the most powerful tools companies have at their disposal and has learned to use that power to achieve better results and a more engaged audience. His lecture combines facts, statistics and humor to capture the audience's interest. His lectures are both engaging and entertaining, he is good at capturing the audience's attention and getting them to listen.

Alexander also uses his deep knowledge of marketing to add value to his lectures. He understands how to use marketing to achieve better results and he gives his audience tools to implement what he talks about. Alexander is also very adept at using humor to capture the interest of the audience. His humorous style means that listeners can't take their eyes off the stage. Alexander is a great choice for those who want to get their audience engaged, get value out of the lecture and learn how to maximize the impact of social media marketing!


  • As CEO of one of Sweden's fastest-growing social media agencies, he has learned what you should and shouldn't do to succeed online.
  • Learn the magic tricks to marketseduce on social media that are really not that different from our social behaviour in life.
  • The lecture will give you the concrete tips you need to succeed with your social media.

What do others think?

"Alexander as a lecturer on social media and its impact on people's behaviour was both engaging and thought-provoking. Something that is sometimes forgotten when we seek simple answers to difficult questions!"
Gabriella Sjöberg, Ombudsman,
Social Democrats Jönköping Municipality
"Alexander is an inspired social media lecturer who captivates the audience with his engagement. The lecture had humour, ideas and tips that enchanted the audience.

He explains in an easy and educational way how to think to succeed in the digital world. The presentation was honest, personal and inspiring. "
Fanny Hammarberg, Communication Day
Jönköping University
"This morning's lecture from Alexander gave me incredible inspiration to dig deeper into our digital marketing.

Something I particularly liked as a booker was Alexander's clarity on how businesses should work on social media to increase their sales meant that all attendees were able to take away even though they had never worked with social media themselves.

Impressed with how he was able to connect his journey as a hitchhiker to how businesses should think about social media!"
Jonas Lööw
"Listening to Alexander, he has taken me from being completely ignorant and actually quite uninterested to having created an interest and a base of knowledge to work on.

Recommend you listen and/or take help from Alexander to get better at working with social media. "
Anna Olsson

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Hire Alexander Morad to get a big dose of humour and better results from your social media and marketing activities.

During a social media lecture, you'll learn about the perfect customer journey, how to seduce your audience and, more specifically, concrete tips on how you can make an immediate difference on your social media that puts you ahead of your competitors. 


Alexander Morad studied education and psychology at Jönköping University and has traveled a lot in his life. This is also something he shares in his lectures. He talks about hitchhiking through Europe, a trip that saved his life but was inches away from costing him it. The insights he gained during his trip are also used in his lectures and social media marketing.

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