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UGC content has taken the world by storm and a search on Google presents you with 310 000 000 results. 

When Nosto conducted its survey, it found that the entire 83% of respondents believe that companies need to be more authentic in their advertising to build trust, add value by sharing educational content or content that entertains. 70% of respondents to the survey said it is important for companies to create personalised content.

Personalised content became incredibly popular in 2020 during the pandemic when TikTok went mainstream and offered just that, a personalised feed that was completely unique to each user.

TikTok is not a social media platform as many people think but classifies itself as an entertainment platform more like YouTube or Netflix but it has one really big advantage. They have an always-on mindset where users are offered a feed of videos that are 100% selected by the TikTok algorithm and that provide entertainment or educational value to the user.


Don't Make Ads Make TikToks


UGC content is often used by companies that want to create a lot of content on an ongoing basis and where they want to use different people to promote their company, product or service. 

UGC is sometimes also referred to as IGC, EGC, AGC or CGC and we have explained here what these different terms mean and imply. 

UGC became a big trend when TikTok took off, rewriting the concept of Don't Make Ads, Make TikToks. 

This means creating content that is authentic to the platform and that cannot be directly interpreted by the user as advertising. 


UGC content often plays a significant role for many businesses today and is extremely popular in e-commerce. 

When we look at UGC content, we see 3 things that make this type of content stand out:

  • It doesn't look like a promotional video/ad
  • Models are usually not employed by the company
  • The material often has an educational and/or entertaining tone


Creating UGC content is, according to many, very time-consuming, which is very rarely true. 

In our analysis from working on UGC content for companies like Truecaller, KFC and DreamHack, we clearly see that content filmed with a mobile phone often performs better than a video filmed with a system camera. 

We also see that footage shot not in a lavish studio but in an office, shop or your living room performs better. 

So, pick up your phone and start creating your UGC clips or why not find a UGC agency to help you come up with creatives that fit your business, product or service. 

We at Bright Mind Agency have many successful cases that you can see more of here.  



UGC is particularly popular on the platforms TikTok and Instagram, where agencies and businesses have seen increased engagement and sales through the use of UGC content. 

UGC content means that the company uses material that is recorded by or recorded in collaboration with their customers but can also be by those who do collaborations or partnerships with the company. 

Many people confuse UGC content with IGC content but for us this is a big difference and we explain it in more detail under the IGC content tab. 

UGC is a term that stands for User Generated Content. UGC is particularly popular on the platforms TikTok and Instagram where agencies and businesses have seen increased engagement and sales through the use of UGC content.

EGC content is an English term and stands for Employee Generated Content. Employee Generated Content means that it is content that is created by the employees. This has previously been very important when using LinkedIn, for example. A big advantage of EGC content created by your employees is that it is usually more in-the-moment and feels more genuine and authentic. 

A great purpose is to showcase your company from another employee's eyes and this is often used to build culture and trust in your company.  

This is useful for hiring processes and recruitment. 

User-generated content is videos or images created by a user that are then used to create reach, build trust or drive sales for a company and their products and/or services. This is also the English translation of UGC (User Generated Content). 

The UGC Creator is a social media user who creates content tailored to their own audience to build trust but can also have a converting function.

This can be for example when a creator creates content where they showcase how they use the company's products in their daily routine or how they style different pieces of clothing with each other for the week's needs.

A UGC creator can be found either by contacting them directly through the platforms or by using a UGC Agency or Creative Partner to TikTok, Meta or another platform. 

IGC content stands for Influencer Generated Content, this is content that is directly created by an influencer linked to your brand, service or product. 

An influencer often has no relationship with you or your company on a personal level, but is often bought in on a project basis. 

Influencers have a growing trust.
Influencer marketing has become incredibly popular in the last 5 years with most businesses seeing an increase in reach, engagement and conversions by an influencer using their built up trust with their followers to promote your product. 

When should I use an influencer?
An influencer fits into your media mix when you have a clear product or service that is linked to a specific campaign period.
This could be, for example, the launch of a new product in your range or that you want to increase trust in a product by showing that this or the influencers you choose are using your particular product or service. 

AGC content is a term and means Ambassador Generated Content. AGC content is delivered by an ambassador with whom you have a standing relationship and who delivers material to you and your company on an ongoing basis, such as Khaby Lame who recently became an ambassador for Hugo Boss.

Working with an ambassador is often very effective when your ambassador has a strong personal interest in your company as an ambassador should live to build trust in your company and be available to create content whenever you need it. 

Another aspect of an ambassador is that in all dialogues they should speak well of your company to their fans, friends and family. 

A UGC agency specialises in creating personalised ads.

Through a clear strategy and target group analysis, you look at the types of flows you want to see your products and services in. 

After this, the agency looks for creators who fit this strategy and then creates material in UGC format together with the creator. 

Usually, the agency has already worked with the client on expectations and guidelines for how their products may and may not be presented, but otherwise a large part of the creativity lies with the agency and a success factor here is trust, respect and confidence. 

CGC stands for Creator Generated Content and is about content created by creators.


Do you feel you're not the right person to be in front of a camera? Is your marketing team busy? Do you want a team of seasoned UGC creators to kick-start your venture with TikToks or Instagram Reels? 

At Bright Mind Agency, we have years of experience in creating UGC content. We will help you set up a strategy along with a content plan where we clearly go through our mission along with your objectives. 

We work agile and close to you as a customer, we like to see ourselves as your extended arm or your external marketing team. 

For us, the relationship with you as a customer is the most important thing!

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