The 10 best ChatGPT plugins
for marketers

Links to ChatGPT plugins

During the week ChatGPT has released Plugins and Web access to their plus users and we have of course tested, in fact we have spent over 40 hours in the last few days. On this page we will give you our best findings and the 10 best plugins so far. Plugins are extensions that you can activate and they allow you to customize your ChatGPT experience to suit your specific needs.

Here are the 10 best ChatGPT plugins for marketers, in no particular order. 

1. How to get perfect prompts every time with Prompt Perfect

This plugin helps users write perfect prompts for AI chat. Sibbe lectures a lot on how to get better at talking to AIn and this plugin helps you take a simple prompt and write it in a better way. This plugin is used simply by typing "perfect" before or after your prompt.


This plugin is very easy to use and creates a lot of value for you when using ChatGPT.

However, do not forget that it is still important to provide valuable and specific information in your prompt in order for ChatGPT to give you really good answers back. 

2. ChatGPT can now read data from both URLs and documents with Link Reader.

When I first started testing this plugin, I was actually a bit shocked by its potential. 


Being able to send a link directly to a document on my drive, a PDF or a web page and have ChatGPT read the contents of this file will save me so much time.

At the same time, I want to raise a little warning finger here to be careful with what data you send in, the plugin manufacturers can both read and save content sent in these documents.

So be careful what content you give it.

3. Write and improve your articles with

A magical plugin for anyone who writes SEO texts for their website. This plugin knows the guidelines for SEO and helps you write texts in a structured way and with good keywords, titles and headings. 


You give it a prompt and some keywords and then you get a completed article.

Again, this plugin makes it so that your prompt no longer needs to be quite as advanced to get a really good answer back. 

4. Automate more with the Zapier plugin.

Wow I just say, not everyone uses Zapier but for those who have started their journey with automations, this plugin is very helpful.

For example, in ChatGPT you can write how you would like a flow to look like:

I want that when I upload a file on my google drive, a message is sent to me in slack that a new file is in the folder. Then I want this file to be published in a new post on my youtube channel and that the file's filename is used as the title of the movie. Then send the URL of the video to my slack so I can watch it.

Then this plugin creates the automation and the relevant steps itself and you just need to make sure the accounts are connected and then run.

Also works with different emails, calendar, social media, yes lots of automations simply. 

5. Ask questions to your YouTube video with the Video Insights plugin.

Are you tired of watching long videos on YouTube to learn something new or find relevant information about a product or service?

With Video Insight you can just ask ChatGPT to compile a video for you.

For example, click the link to a video and say something like "Can you summarize the 10 most important points from this video".

Or "Can you give me 5 unique benefits of this product"

Right now this plugin only works with YouTube videos but will probably work with Reels and TikToks soon. 

6. Simplify your Google advertising with Robo Ad

Goodbye to sitting around coming up with ideas for PPC campaigns on Google. Robo Ad does this for you.

You just need to give Robo Ad a URL and then the page is analyzed and suggestions for headlines, descriptions and Call to Actions.

Really smooth and creative way to become more effective with your advertising. 

7. Relevant data and results with Keymate AI Search

Keymate uses a proprietary search engine to allow you to search the internet and analyze the answers it receives based on keywords in your prompt.

Keymate actually does a great job of producing relevant searches that provide really good value in the first tests we did.

Keymate has actually also released its own keyboard for the mobile that allows you to use ChatGPT directly in the mobile directly through your keyboard, so it works when you type regardless of the app. Link here

8. Automatic and efficient SEO analysis with SEO Core AI

If you want to improve your SEO and compare different pages how well optimized the page is then you have come to the right SEO Core AI helps you with exactly that. 


For example, you can ask the following promts:
"Analyze for the keyword generative AI"
"Compare SEO on against the top ranked sites for the keyword generative AI"

Extremely valuable when we check how well our own or our competitors have optimized their landing page.

Link to the SEO Core AI plugin

9. website performance

Website performance does exactly what it says, you can use this to provide a URL and you will get a report back on how well your website is performing, a bit like using Google Page Test or similar tools.

Works perfectly to use in combination with SEO Core AI to get both SEO and Performance results on your website in the same prompt. 

10. AskYourPDF

This works a bit like Link Reader, but this is more built for Ask Your PDF to analyze your PDF and then you should be able to ask ChatGPT questions and it answers based on the content of your PDF. 


I have tested this with several different documents and it often gets server problems when I give it really big documents, more than 40 pages.

Tested e.g. the report for Swedes and the internet but it went like that. 

for those who want to know more about ChatGPT Plugins

Open AI has released the possibility for developers to create a connection between ChatGPT and their own systems. This comes as a plugin inside ChatGPT. To briefly explain, you can write a prompt and this prompt is then sent through the plugin and then you get a relevant answer back. Right now there are about 70 prompts and new ones come almost every day. 

Plugins for ChatGPT are developed by external actors and linked to ChatGPT. You as a plus user can activate plugins and start talking to them directly in the chat. You can have 3 activated plugins at the same time. Keep in mind that all information can be sent to the external partner so think about what data you write.