5 effective methods for your
Marketing black friday 2023

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Black Friday is approaching and it has never been more important to plan your marketing during this promotional holiday for e-commerce and physical retailers. There are several companies that spend the majority of their campaign budget during this period and in order to get effective results, planning, strategy and creativity are required. 


Here are some of our most effective ways for businesses to create an effective strategy for Black Friday 2023. 

Marketing strategy for Black Friday 2023!

Unfortunately, far too many people continue with their regular campaigns and only make small budget adjustments during Black Friday, but this is not enough to get the most out of your campaigns. Our recommendation is that you already set a strategy that includes the following elements: 

- Offers
- Targeting
- Campaigns
- Target groups

- KPIs

and of course the budget. 

Planning your offers for Black Friday 2023

Black Friday has exploded with companies offering 20, 30, 40 and sometimes up to 50% off during their Black Friday campaigns. The truth is, if you don't have the margins required to offer at least 20% off and still make a profit, you're actually better off not advertising on Black Friday 2023. BUT, check out our tip at the end on how to succeed anyway. 

Preparing your audiences for Black Friday 2023

Yes, audiences are important and most people have some form of retargeting in their campaigns. But what most people forget is that engagement is one of the most effective target groups on most channels in 2023.

So in order for you to get the most out of it and start building your target groups early, create organic content that creates engagement, ie likes, comments, shares and maybe let people vote on which products you should have on offer when Black Friday comes. 

Create multiple creative videos and images and don't settle for one or two.

You may think you know exactly which image or video will work but most likely you don't. Black Friday is also too short for you to test several different ones. So don't forget to create at least 4 ads in each ad group so you can let the algorithms choose the one that meets your goal most effectively. 


Also, if you use videos in your campaigns, don't forget to choose an automatic cover image for your video. An exciting cover image can make all the difference in whether your video converts or not. 

Measure your campaigns with relevant KPIs.

During Black Friday, there are many advertisers on the social platforms and it is difficult for the campaigns to get the same reach as before. Therefore, it is very important that you start your campaigns in good time so they are ready and scheduled and approved, preferably a few days before they go live. 


Then, when you measure your campaigns, decide early on on a figure to look at to decide whether to continue with the campaign/ad group/ad or pass the budget on to another campaign.

For example, if I don't get a purchase under €500, I turn it off.


If I don't get a purchase after 2000 views, the ad will be turned off. 


This is incredibly important for effective campaigns that deliver good ROAS and a good overall ROI for your campaigns. 


Black Friday 2023 falls on Friday, November 24 this year. 

Black Friday 2023 is the biggest discount event of the year where the majority of Swedish companies have historically offered their best promotions and discounts throughout the year. 

However, in recent years, most companies have begun to avoid Black Friday because of the incredible buying frenzy that often occurs and they usually refer to the fact that it is not environmentally friendly to buy too much stuff, but instead offer tips and advice on how to refresh the things you already have or maybe buy second-hand. You can follow and see the trends on Google trends.

Black Friday 2023 is a discount holiday that takes place both physically and digitally and is usually something that the majority of Swedish companies offer in one way or another. Keep an eye on your favorite stores for their Black Friday offers, which are usually very favorable prices. 

It is still difficult to know which company or store will have the best offer in 2023. We recommend that you subscribe to your favorite retailers' social channels and newsletters, where you can get the latest information quickly and easily. 

Black Friday is only on Friday, November 24. 

Recently, however, it has become popular to run their campaigns for a whole week, this has later become known as Black Week. Black Week starts on Monday, November 20 and ends on Black Friday, November 24, 2023.  

Black Friday is an abbreviated term referring to the big discount period Black Friday, which in 2023 is on November 24. 

Black Week is the big discount period that runs between Monday, November 20 and Friday, November 24. 

Do you want to know how we can give you the right conditions for a successful Black Friday advertising?

We help you and your company to develop everything from strategy, videos, images and also everything about campaign setup and optimization.

Get in touch if you want to streamline your campaigns during Black Friday 2023.